Publishing workshop in Toronto


A workshop of interest to future writers is happening on Thursday and Friday that teaches people about the world of publishing.

The two day workshop helps prepare unpublished writers for the next step. The workshop delivers the need-to-know basics of the industry, including how to market oneself, write a query letter and book proposals.

“We talk about what goes on in the marketing department, the complications of digital technology, the pros and cons of self-publishing, how to build your profile,” said Jennifer Murray, who is the former director of marketing at Penguin Canada.

“[The workshop] gives people a sense of what’s happening in Canadian publishing,” said Murray.

Cynthia Good, the director of Humber’s Creative Book Publishing program and the former president and publisher of Penguin Canada does not think that this workshop is for those who are thinking about publishing ‘one day’. “It’s a workshop for writers who are beginning to think about the next step with their manuscript… It’s a workshop telling you what to do next and you’ll forget it [if you don’t have a completed or semi-completed manuscript],” said Good.

“The workshop is open to everybody. We don’t get many Humber students,” said Murray. “There are usually about 20 students in a class, and maybe 5 or 6 are Humber students.”

Michelle Gibney, former Humber College and current Guelph University student, has attended a workshop similar to this one at her university.

“The workshop that I went to talked about all of the same kind of stuff and it was really helpful,” said Gibney. “I haven’t been published yet because I sort of change my mind a lot, but the workshop was really eye-opening. I wouldn’t have known mostly anything unless I attended it.”

The workshop takes place on November 14 and November 15. To attend, sign up at


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